Recent Updates

Relocating to Perth, WA

From November 1 2008 I will be working out of Perth. More…

Models Required

Now that I'm in a new part of the world I don't know anybody and will be seeking TFP Models. More…

Not Doing Weddings

Whilst I love doing Weddings I'm not going to be doing any for a while until I know the Perth area a bit better. More…


As I'm new to Perth I wont be taking on any Weddings until November 2009 by which time I will have a better idea of where all the romantic locations are.

Right now I'm setting aside only a few days per month for photography and for the rest of the month I'm an honest and trust worthy car salesman.

I don't intend to do photography full time (at this stage), whilst it is more than a hobby to me I suspect that I would lose my interest and passion if I was doing it every day all day. So, for now three or four days a month will be photography and nothing else.

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