Recent Updates

Relocating to Perth, WA

From November 1 2008 I will be working out of Perth. More…

Models Required

Now that I'm in a new part of the world I don't know anybody and will be seeking TFP Models. More…

Not Doing Weddings

Whilst I love doing Weddings I'm not going to be doing any for a while until I know the Perth area a bit better. More…

Time for Prints

Having recently moved to Western Australia I don't really know anyone. Back in Narooma I had access to half a dozen models which I could call upon for a project or just to try out some ideas. Now that I'm in Perth I have nobody and am seeking Models willing to work on a Time for Prints or Time for CD basis.

My TFP models get first bite at the cherry when a paid project comes along as it is easier than screening other models whom I may not have worked with before.

If you're interested please use the Contact Me page to send me an E-mail describing yourself. I would also appreciate it if you would attach a few photographs of yourself showing some of what you are capable of. You must be prepared to do swimwear, lingerie, evening wear, sheer, implied nudes, and have a fun and outgoing personality.

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